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Why should you visit Cuenca and Ciudad Encantada while being in Spain?

Updated: Aug 22, 2020

Here are many reasons why you should visit Spain and Cuenca is one of them. A small town, with picturesque gorges, completely unpopular among destinations for tourists from various corners of the world. To learn Spain it is enough to leave large commercial cities such as Madrid or Seville to know not only their cultural wealth, but also landscapes that can not be seen in a crowded city. So let's see what interesting you can see in Castille.

Devil’s Cave for a good start

When you come to Cuenca, first you have to face the road with serpentine, which made part of the trip slightly nauseous. All because of the very mountainous terrain on which the city is located. However, any anxiety problems compensate for the beautiful view. On the way from Ciudad Encantada to Cuenca, we stopped at El Ventano del Diablo. It is a kind of natural cave located in Horadada rock, in a canyon with an amazing perspective on a huge chasm and the mouth of the Algar river with turquoise colour. If you look at this space, you will feel freedom. Pictures of a man who climbed the rock and there is nothing but him and a breathtaking view will not be just a picture of Instagram - here they are becoming reality.

Ciudad Encantada - people and objects solidified in the rock

A haunted city is a landscape park, which was created as a result of erosion of rock formations, when dinosaurs walked on the ground. It was not without reason that this place was chosen for making a few scenes for the movie Conan the Barbarian. Nature can play tricks, because the shapes of rocks are reminiscent of contemporary forms. Immediately after entering the Park we saw a great blackjack, and the next ones were not worse - Titanic, the Lovers of Teruel or the fight of a crocodile with an elephant. Besides the rocks, Ciudad Encantada contains many mazes and secret passages. Ciudad Encantada is the perfect place for picnics and take a break out of the city with friends.

Although the area is mostly covered with stone, plants often grow in the rocks. Many wild plants growing there have their use in life - bile oaks, juniper, box trees, blackberries. Let's say juniper - it is used for the production of gin, which is one of the popular liquors in Spain. Another tree worth mentioning is the tree growing in the Enchanted City, whose fruits contain both substances that can harm and substances that support the treatment of breast cancer.

Cuenca and Casas Colgadas

While previously we mainly focused on the landscapes, in the city of Cuenca the most important is the Old City, which hides many mysterious places, including a huge Dominican monastery, hanging houses over a cliff or a bridge that connects two sides of the city. In the old town, the main impression made on me the Main Square (Plaza Mayor) with a Gothic Cathedral from the XII century and colorful buildings around it with numerous restaurants.

It just so happens that this part of the city, was liked not only by me and the trip but others, because the Old Town of Cuenca was inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Another imposing attraction is the Saint Paul Bridge (Puente de San Pablo) over the banks of the Huécar River projected by Gustav Eiffel himself (I do not have to present it to anyone), from where you can clearly see the houses hanging on the cliffs. The buildings are called Casas Colgadas, and some of them were built in the XV century. Cuenca is also known for its Semana Santa - the grand celebration of The Holy Week. Then crowds come out on the streets, playing, running cows and having a great time.

Usefull information

- Tickets to Museum of Abstraction Art .: Free admission. The remaining tickets (around 300 for both halls) can be taken from the Foundation's office (one per person) on the first-come first-served basis. You can also book online:

- There is also Las Majadas Park, which is more wild than Ciudad Encantada. Las Majadas will be good for people who like to be alone with nature. You have to pay 5 euros for access to Ciudad Encantada, and Las Majadas is free.

How do you like Cuenca and surroundings? What places in Spain make the most impression on you? Do not hesitate to share your experience with us! If you are interested in Spain and be part of our Soy Erasmus Valencia Family just check our FB or IG account @SoyErasmusValencia.

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