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Costa Blanca Cities - what to visit in Guadalest and Altea?

Updated: Aug 22, 2020

The Costa Blanca has many places to visit. Even after the season, when the beach is not full of people, you can admire the beautiful sunsets. Each of the cities is full of charming streets, hills from which you can admire the coast. What's interesting about Guadalest, Altea and Albir? You will read here.

Turquoise bay

Guadalest is a historic land in the province of Alicante, which is located on a hill. Once this location served as a defensive role and today, thanks to this, we can see breathtaking views of the bay with turquoise, clear water and in the distance spatial landscapes. Turquoise water appeared here as a result of damming up the river flowing through Guadalest. To be honest, I have seen such a blue water for the first time - it was so nice to look at it. Guadalest itself is divided into two parts: New and Old Town. The old, historic part is small, it contains a miniature square, a castle (El Castell de Guadalest) with a view of the valley and a restored church. People living in Guadalest did not need much space, because only 200 Moorish people lived and defended the city. The castle is open to the public - entry with a student card costs 3 euros and a normal ticket is for 4 euros.

Lighthouse on the hill – Faro del Albir

When choosing a trip to the lighthouse in Albir, you do not have to be physically prepared. The route from the base to the lighthouse is about 2.5 km one way and the path is smooth, so walking up the hill with pleasant views will pass you faster than you think. The road to the lighthouse leads along the cliffs through the Serra Gelada National Park. In Faro del Albir you have everything: sea, mountains, beautiful landscapes and magical cities. The view from the lighthouse to the sea with the city is amazing. However, if hiking is not interesting to you, at the bottom of the path, there are special benches for making a picnic and spending a moment among nature and plants.

Beaches of Altea

Being in this city, enjoy 6 km beaches, beautiful sunsets and do not forget to collect a few pebbles as a souvenir! Admittedly, the beaches in Altea are not sandy, but the sight of rocks and the sea will reward you with a rather soft surface. In the city, it is worth stopping in the Old Town and the marketplace, where the whole of seaside life is concentrated in one place with cafes, shops with regional handicraft and pottery. Stop at "mirradores" - viewpoints, to admire the beauty of the coast. It’s also good to see  Iglesia de Nuestra Señora del Consuelo. This sacred monument from the 17th century is located in the very center of the city. Among tourists, it is one of the most visited places. Among the inhabitants - this church is an important element of social and religious life. The most characteristic part of the Iglesia de Nuestra Señora del Consuelo is the dome. Visible from a distance, and is a symbol of this city. Altea is also an ideal place for water sports enthusiasts - surfers, sailors are welcomed.

These are just three of Costa Blanca cities. What do you think about visiting Costa Blanca cities? Let us know if all of hints were useful for you while travelling to Guadalest, Altea and Albir. 

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