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Tourism & Hospitality Internship

What you´ll be doing during your internship

Some of the things you´ll be doing include...

  • Researching new areas and developing a favoured route in the area

  • Organising and accompanying trips

  • Planning tour schedules

  • Visiting destinations in advance of the tour to check the area

  • Welcoming groups of people onto tours

  • Designing flexible tours to meet needs of diverse groups

  • Making advance contact with hostels and places to stay

  • Advising about sightseeing; restaurants and other places of interest at each destination

  • Communicating a range of information on itinerary, destinations and culture

  • Internal organisation of travel team operations (contact list, etc.)

  • Bring creativity and critical thinking, which inspires innovation

We are looking for...

  • a hospitality attitude

  • an ability to understand and improve human relationships and interpersonal communication

  • fast and critical thinking

  • an ability to resolve conflict

  • an ability to work well under pressure

Benefits of this internship include

  • To learn real-world knowledge, work ethics and team spirits

  • To receive a recommendation letter confirming your work experience and skills gained

  •  Get exclusive discounts for Soy Erasmus products and services: trips, accommodation, Spanish courses and other

  • Have free flash trips (it depends on the role which you are going to do in the tour)

  • Share a benefit of Soy Erasmus Monday-Friday events (Pub Crawl, Sangria Pong, other), trips not included (it depends on the role you are going to do in the trip)

  • Get commission of sellings (tours, bike & scooter, accommodation rentals).

Internship period: minimum 2 months (can be extended).

Please note: Internship agreement (Erasmus+ Learning Agreement or other) with a university is mandatory.


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