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Why You Should Visit Peñíscola!

Peñíscola is a fortified seaport with a rich history. Over the years it has been inhabited by Iberians, Greeks, Romans, the Moors, and now the worst conquerors of them all - tourists.

But why should you visit? Here’s 3 interesting things to know about this beautiful town…

1. The Home of Hollywood

The beauty of Peñíscola means that it has been the filming location of various films and tv shows. Much of the 1961 classic El Cid was shot here, with the north beach being used as the setting for the final battle scene. Furthermore, fans of Game of Thrones would be interested to know that several scenes from season 6 were shot here, as Peñíscola was transformed into the Slaver City of Meereen.

2. A Castle Fit for a Pope

The Papa Luna castle was built at the end of the 13th century by the Knights Templar. From 1417 to 1423 it became the home to Pope Benedict XIII - making Peñíscola one of only three papal cities to exist. Now it stands as a popular tourist attraction amongst the beautiful old town, situated on an imposing rock that rises 64m above the sea.

3. ‘The City in the Sea’

Peñíscola is known as the city within the sea, because it is connected only by a narrow land strip to the mainland. It is surrounded by many luscious beaches including Basseta beach, Argilaga Cove and Torrenova beach. So anywhere you go in the town, you’ll be sure to find a place to sunbathe.

If you fancy visiting this picturesque town, then be sure to join us this Sunday on our Peñíscola trip!

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