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Where to live in Granada

Updated: Mar 30, 2021

Whether you're looking for lively bars in a student area, or a quiet flat surrounded by stunning historic architecture, Granada has it all! Here's what you need to know about each area of the city:

1. Albaicín

Albaicín is without a doubt one of Granada's most famous neighbourhoods. It's situated on the foothills of the Alhambra, so has a charming Andalusian-Arabic feel, and is vibrant and full of character, as well as impressive Moorish architecture.

Declared a World Heritage Site by Unesco, Albaicín is a beautiful neighbourhood and offers breathtaking views of the Alhambra and Sierra Nevada mountains, making the area one of the most popular for tourists. Some very luxurious apartments can be found here, and as such, it tends to be a pricier area to live in.

Although Albaicín is a pedestrian district, it is quite hilly, so may be challenging for those who have difficulty walking. Fortunately, the area is well served by buses during the day, and is considered one of the best areas to rent in Granada.

2. Realejo

If you like the feel of Albaicín but want to live a little closer to the centre, why not check out Realejo? Although not quite as structurally beautiful as Albaicín, Realejo has much easier access to all services, and is really popular!

Realejo is situated in the shadow of the Alhambra, so there's no shortage of great views! It's also full of interesting graffiti - great for pictures and makes the area really distinctive.

3. El Centro

Here, you'll have easy access to historic treasures such as the Cathedral, Royal Chapel (where the Reyes Católicos are buried!) and the Bib Rambla Square, among many other impressive attractions.

Living costs here are competitive, and the area is full with shops, bars and restaurants, and long-term apartments are in abundance, so this area is popular with students.

4. La Chana

La Chana is made up of a few small, middle and working-class neighbourhoods. It is a charming area, close to many of the University of Granada's faculties and is equipped with convenient transport connections.

Perhaps a little less aesthetically pleasing than some of the city's more historic areas, La Chana is definitely an up-and-coming district, with everything you'll need for easy and comfortable living.

5. Beiro

If you're looking for a buzzing nightlife, a student population and cheap tapas, then look no further! Beiro is especially popular with international students, so is perfect for Erasmus students looking to meet like-minded people.

As well as a lively nightlife (COVID permitting, of course), Beiro also offers a prominent sense of historic Arab culture with many tea houses, hookah bars and galleries.

Make sure you visit the bullfighting arena here, and check out the wide variety of gastronomical offerings that surround it!

6. Ronda

Looking for somewhere a little more quiet? Ronda is considered to be one of the most peaceful areas of Granada. It's also very affordable, so is popular with students on a budget or business travellers.

Ronda is home to the Federico Garcia Lorca museum, which is a must for anyone that's interested in poetry, literature or who'd like to know more about prominent Spanish figures.

7. Zaidín

Zaidín is a residential district situated in the south of city. It's the home of Granada football club, so is perfect for football fans who'd like to spend an afternoon watching the local team play at Los Carmenes Stadium!

Zaidín is great option for budget travelers who prefer quieter nights.

8. Genil

Another affordable neighbourhood of the city, Genil is very modern and located in Downtown Granada. It's right next to the Generalife nature park, a beautiful spot for a stroll where you can enjoy magnificent views of the Alhambra.

Have you visited Granada yet? Let us know your favourite spots or attractions!

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