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Where to live as a student in Barcelona

Barcelona is one of Spain's biggest and most famous cities, making it rightly popular with students and tourists alike. It's the cosmopolitan capital of Spain's Catalonia, and has something for everyone! Renowned for its impressive art and architecture, Barcelona is a definite hub of Spanish culture and not to be missed.

Here's your guide to decide where to live as a student in Barcelona:

1. Gracia

One of Barcelona's most popular areas for students, Gracia is buzzing with bars and leisure facilities, and has a vibrant and welcoming modern-bohemian feel.

It's close enough to the centre so that walking to most of the city's main attractions is possible, but is also well connected by bus and tram for those further away areas.

The universities IED Barcelona and INSA School for Business, Marketing & Communication are located in this district, so that's another bonus of the area for students of these schools!

2. Eixample

Eixample is centrally located and is considered by some to be the area most 'representative' area of the city as a whole.

Perhaps the most famous area of Barcelona, Eixample is home to the modernist architectural spectacles, the Sagrada Familia and La Pedrera, along with many others. Without a doubt, choosing to stay in Eixample will allow you to fully immerse yourself in the authentic cultural vibes of the city.

3. Les Corts

Les Corts is home to most of the city's universities and business schools, so is a great place to stay if proximity to your studies is a priority. Perhaps unlike the university districts of some other major cities, Les Corts is fairly quiet and peaceful, so living here will let you rest.

The area has many beautiful parks, so is excellent for chilling in the sun between university lectures or during lunch. Les Corts isn't in the centre of the city, but it does have a good system of bus, metro and tram lines to help you get around.

4. Ciutat Vella

In the centre of the city is the Ciutat Vella, a district characterised by beautiful ancient architecture. On its most Eastern side, the area is bordered by the Mediterranean Sea where you'll find the city's marina.

The Ciutat Vella has everything to offer a student -- packed with bars, restaurants, culture and, of course, history, it's definitely the place to be. However, this is definitely reflected in the area's living costs, so you may find that prices here are a little out of budget.

5. Sant Marti/Poblenou

What used to be the industrial centre of the city, Sant Marti is now a hotspot for students looking to live close to the beach in Barcelona.

This area is now home to a large number of universities, but is notably peaceful despite this, as many of the large old factories have now been converted into office or apartment buildings. Poblenou is also the district of Barcelona that has the most beaches, making it ideal for students who enjoy sunbathing, swimming in Summer, or taking tranquil walks along the paseo marítimo throughout the entire year.

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