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Where Should I Live in Valencia?

Updated: Mar 23, 2021

Valencia is a great city for students - it has a vibrant nightlife, many beauty spots and lively beaches. But it’s important, especially during the pandemic, to choose the area that is right for you. Do you want to be near Turia park or the beach so you have a place to relax outdoors? Do you want to live near the bars and clubs when they reopen? Do you want to live with other students? Or have a quieter homelife? These are all things that you should take into consideration as Valencia has many different areas with different pros and cons - but luckily for you here is a list of each key area and what it has to offer!

Benimaclet is a good all-rounder - it’s cheap, it’s pretty and it’s filled with students.

Located near to the 2 main universities it offers inexpensive and sociable flats for students and also has a nice community feel. The buildings look like the backdrop of Mamma Mia and the colourful street art makes for some good instagram pics.

A possible downside is that it’s not very near to the beach or the city centre - but there are good transport links to ensure you can still sunbathe on the sand or spend all your money in Primark very easily.

This main road and the area around it (algirós, camins al grau, mestalla) is the centre of nightlife for many students in Valencia. Filled with cheap bars and the notorious Plaza Honduras you can be guaranteed €2 beer and a good night here.

It’s not only the drinks that are cheap - the flats are generally inexpensive, and not too far from the beach nor the city centre.

If you want to be walking distance from the beach, El Cabanyal is the place for you. Located behind Las Arenas beach, you can easily stumble home from beach parties without having to worry about transport.

With its colourful buildings, tiled walls and lively atmosphere it definitely makes for an interesting place to live - although perhaps not always the safest to walk home alone at night. The city centre is quite far away, but there is a nice range of bars and restaurants nearby.

A more affluent part of Valencia, this area is best for those with a bigger budget but who would perhaps prefer a quieter atmosphere. There are still good bars and restaurants, with highlights being St Patrick’s Irish Pub and Colon Market, but it is a more upmarket and expensive place to live and there are less students.

However, you do get your value for money. It is at the centre of the city with the best shops and markets, next to the lovely Turia park, and has good transport links to the rest of the city.

Ruzafa could be described as a more youthful version of Gran Via. It is still close to the city centre and Turia park, but there is more of a student atmosphere and it is generally cheaper to live.

This area is known for its lively nightlife and offers a variety of interesting bars and restaurants. In the day you can also make the most of its quirky vintage shops and cafes.

If you’re looking for an aesthetic neighbourhood, Ciutat Vella is the place for you. With its historical buildings, narrow streets and colourful street art, its potential for artsy insta pics is unbeaten.

While it is pleasing to look at, it’s further away from the universities and doesn’t have as much of a student atmosphere. Location is then perhaps its weak point, as it can be far from the city and is even further away from the beach. But if you’re an avid cyclist or you don’t mind taking public transport, this would still be a great area to live!

Students at the CEU University can make their home in Moncada. This historical municipality lies outside of the city of Valencia and has a population of around 20,000.

But don't worry about the distance from the city - it only takes 20 minutes on the Metro to get to Ángel Guimerá.

Looking for accommodation can be overwhelming, but with this list hopefully you can narrow down your favourite areas and find the place that is right for you. Check out our website to find your perfect home. Good luck, and we hope to see you here soon!

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