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Where Should I Live in Oviedo?

Overall, Oviedo is a very safe city with many lovely places to live. A lot of young people live here thanks to the University of Oviedo, where almost 30,000 students attend classes.

University Halls

One of the most obvious places for students to live in Oviedo is the University Campuses. The Campus of Los Catalanes is made up of the San Gregorio Residence Hall and the America Residence Hall. Both of these are situated in beautiful areas near the old town and have extensive grounds overlooking the ‘Winter Park’. They have sports facilities as well as cleaning services and free WiFi across the whole university area.

One downside to halls is that many people say it is expensive in comparison to renting flats independently. However, if you are willing to pay a bit more for social accommodation with great services, then university halls may be for you.

Other Areas

Aside from university halls, many students tend to live in the areas surrounding the Campus del Milán and El Cristo. You can find such areas under Corredoria-Huca-Teatinos and Buenavista-Ería-Montecerrao on the renting website Idealista. These are cheaper areas with less modern buildings but still very safe to live. Other places include the affluent area known as the golden mile (Milla de Oro) and Ventanielles and El Campellín - which are known for being louder and perhaps more rowdy.

Apart from that, most areas in Oviedo are lovely and safe and would be ideal to live in.

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