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Valencia's Neighborhood Discotheques and Pubs

Each section of the city has its own unique neighborhoods that boast a distinctive flair. Part of the joy of studying in Valencia is to get to know various parts of the city as well as the one where you intend to settle down. These neighborhoods have great reputations for their social scene and nightlife. It's next to impossible to feel bored in Valencia with so many interesting places to go with attractions to see.

Ruzafa Neighborhood

As one of the city's most notable fashionable neighborhoods, Ruzaffa attracts a vibrant mix of people who frequent the cafes, book shops, and traditional taverns (which are known for their delectable regional cuisine). There are also many modern pubs and restaurants that are popular among locals and visiting students alike. The neighborhood is known for its aesthetic charm and its various restoration projects. For a resplendent cultural mix of people, this neighborhood always has something lively and fun in store for visitors. The discotheques and pubs of this area are vibrant with an exciting mix of music and dance.

Juan Llorens/Abastos

Centrally located, this area is always a convenient and exciting idea--especially when it comes to dancing. There are restaurants as well as wineries that contribute to the entertainment fabric of the neighborhood. The pubs and discotheques typically are brimming with people but these businesses do tend to close early. Many people often start out their evening here as it's a great meeting place between friends from different parts of the city.


Especially popular with college students and young people in general, this part of the city has a splendid Bohemian air and is filled with exciting nightlife options. Extremely popular with tourists, Carmen boasts an eclectic zeal that makes it a fun place to live or spend an evening. While less alternative than it used to be, Carmen still retains its vibrant spirit; yet people of all tastes invariable wind up here as there seems to be something for everyone.

City of Arts and Sciences/Port

As a new and up-and-coming area for nightlife, this city section is in the midst of radical change which makes it appealing for the nightlife set. The coolest and most exclusive parties are popping up in this part of town and adding an air of hipness that is unmistakable. This area is attracting increasingly more students and is well worth checking out when you're looking for something fun to do.


The social scene of any city is always shifting. Once upon a time Canovas was the must-visit area of Valencia for nightlife; now that reputation is relaxing but there are still plenty of restaurants and a few noteworthy clubs that boast plenty of dancing and great cocktail specials. For an evening on the town filled with drinking, excellent food, and friendly people, this neighborhood is always a welcome idea.


This ritzy section of the city has the air of the upper class. Along the Paseo de la Alameda, one finds extraordinary outdoor restaurants surrounded by picturesque flowers and trees. When the weather is pleasant, as it often is, this is where many people wish to come for an outdoor meal and to dine among friends with a view of the Turia River. Strolling along the tree-lined avenues is a great way to conclude a fine meal before heading to an exclusive club in this neighborhood or in another part of the city.

Blasco Ibanez, Honduras and Cedro Square, Benimaclet

For an awesome array of activities like outdoor live concerts, this area is a standout. Especially frequented by university students, the section of Valencia has a youthful aura that is also evidenced by its myriad of discotheques--many of which do stay open quite late making this a popular area to end the evening in style!

Valencia has a celebrated history as one of Europe's most popular cities for nightlife. Though hot spots necessarily may change from one season to the next, Soy Erasmus does its utmost to keep international students in the know about where the hippest places to hang out and go dancing all night are likely to be found. Be sure to visit each of these and other upcoming nightlife areas to find out which one suits you best; don't be surprised if you wind up liking them all for their characteristic charms!

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