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Many Erasmus and international students who come to study in Valencia are often excited about the prospect of eating in this city on the Mediterranean. Valencia's cuisine enjoys a wonderful reputation for its traditional meals that are influenced by both Spanish and Catalan culture. Moreover, there are other influences that can be tasted in some dishes like Moroccan, Italian, and even French. In fact, as a major metropolitan city, it's possible to taste flavors and dishes from all over the world as cuisines like Japanese, Greek, and even American food is represented in various city restaurants. Of course, Soy Erasmus encourages students to taste what makes traditional Valencian cuisine so special and so memorable!

Valencia is especially well-known for its rice dishes that employ the region's high-quality rice which grows so well and abundantly in this part of Spain. Students can expect to find many dry rice dishes such as Paella and rice-based stews known as arroz caldosa. Rice is added to casseroles as well in traditional Valencian cuisine. Of course, rice is often accompanied by a wide array of flavors and other ingredients like fresh vegetables, seafood, pork, and so forth to create exceptional dishes that will not soon be forgotten.

The Mediterranean, of course, provides its own bounty to the cuisine of Valencia. Fish, squid, shrimp, oysters, etc... make their way into many Valencian dishes. Esgarrat employs salted cod and roasted peppers for a flavorful dish. Arros negre is made with rice along with squid and squid ink and is a popular Valencian meal. Suquet de peix is made with eel, fish, garlic, and potatoes and is a delicious stew similar to Bouillabaisse. Students who enjoy cooking in their flats will be able to obtain plenty of delicious fresh seafood to complement their meals. If you enjoy seafood, be sure to order tapas when you go out for an evening with your friends so you can sample many seafood creations with their various accompaniments.?

Pork, lamb, beef, and chicken are also incorporated into various Valencian dishes. These are often served along with delicious sauces such as allioli or mullador. Paellas and stews will invariable feature plenty of vegetables to. Onions, peppers, potatoes, sweet potatoes, and many others help balance out many authentic Valencian dishes. Tomatoes are quite popular to feature in various meals too.

Finally, expect plenty of fresh citrus fruit when you visit Valencia. The city is famous the world over for its oranges and other fruits. Students may want to keep plenty of fresh fruit on hand during their stay in Valencia as it makes a convenient and healthy snack. Valencia is also famous for some of its desserts like pastissets, toro, coca, and fartons and horchata.

If you are curious about Valencian cuisine, be sure to contact Soy Erasmus and we can advise you where to find traditional dishes in your neighborhood. We so sure you'll love the food of Valencia that it will be as memorable to you as all of your other living-abroad experiences!


- restaurante Juliana - rice dishes & tapas

- El Trompo (Malvarossa beach) - rice dishes

- Cafe de las horas (Agua de Valencia)

- El Rodamon de Rusaffa - tapas, meat, wine

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