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“Un Lago de Conciertos” comes to Valencia!

This summer, Berklee University campus once again is collaborating with the Ciutat de les Arts i les Ciències to promote the spread of high-quality, free, open-air live music in the city.

This year, the collaboration comes in the form of 'Un Lago de Conciertos', and will take place from May to October 2021.

As in previous years, the performances will feature music graduates of Berklee from over 28 countries, and will offer live music with very varied styles ranging from jazz, jazz fusion, R&B, soul, pop and Latin music, also including world music, flamenco, electronic, folk and funk - so, whatever your tastes, there's something for everyone!

The provisional programme includes 10 concerts, and is as follows:

7th May

14th May

28th May

4th June

11th June

23rd July

29th July (all at 8pm)

30th July

3rd September

10th September

17th September

24th September

1st October

Tickets will be allocated on a first-come, first-served basis, so make sure you arrive early at the City of Arts and Sciences to get yourself a seat!


All performances will, of course, take place within COVID guidelines.


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