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Torrevieja Pink Lake - the Hidden Gem of Alicante

Updated: May 29, 2022

If you’re looking for a hidden gem in Alicante then the Torrevieja Pink Lake is the place for you. The 1400 hectare salt lake, also known as Las salinas de Torrevieja, is known for its spectacular rose colour as well as its flamingo inhabitants.

What is a salt lake?

The high concentration of sodium chloride means that it is the centre of the area’s salt production and churns out 700,000 tons of the mineral per year. In order to collect the salt from the lake, the water is carried to La Mata lagoon where it begins to evaporate. This process causes the salt level to rise and solidifies it at the bottoms of the lake, where it is then collected by a machine.

Why is the lake pink?

The pink colour of the water is caused mainly by the pigments of the halobacteria which thrives in the water’s extremely salty environment. There is also single-cell algae called Dunaliella Salina which contributes to the red-ish colour and the artemia salina crustaceans acquire a pink colour by feeding off the bacteria.

Tips for visiting

Your chances of seeing either a spectacular strawberry coloured lake or a murky, underwhelming pond depends on which time of year and day you visit. By going in March, April and May not only will there be more chance of sunny weather, but you are more likely to see flamingos as it is their breeding season. Also, by getting there for sunset the water will seem even more pink as the setting sun hits it.

It may be tempting to swim in these lakes - but it is technically not permitted and could result in a fine. It also may not be very enjoyable to submerge yourself in due to the high level of salt and its tiny inhabitants aka crustaceans.

However, the lake is still a beautiful sight and definitely worth a visit. If you can’t wait and need to see it straight away, make sure to join us on our trip to the lagoon this Saturday on the way to a fun day in Benidorm!

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