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The Magic of Montanejos Hot Springs

Situated at a 418m altitude in Alto Mijares, the village of Montanejos has been a popular spot for centuries due to its beautiful hot springs. Even though it is a small village populated by just 400 people, it is constantly ‘flooded’ with visitors coming to see the Bridal Veil waterfall and swim in the Fuente de los baños.

The baths were apparently constructed by Arab king Abu-Ceit in the 13th century so that his wives could ‘maintain their health and beauty’ from the nutrients in the water. The symbol of water is of key importance in muslim culture and so the springs became a great place for people to relax and socialise.

In 1863 the waters were declared of public utility and now the site is a popular destination for tourists. And don’t worry about it being chilly - you can generally swim in the waters all year round as they have an average temperature of 25 degrees. The baths also allegedly rejuvenate and cleanse the skin - so you might see me diving in.

If you fancy a dip in these unique hot springs then be sure to join us this Sunday 28th March as we head to Montanejos!

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