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The Beauty of Cova Tallada

Looking for something more exciting than the beach this weekend? Then Soy Erasmus has the trip for you! This week we are heading on a hike from Denia to Cova Tallada. Not heard of it? Then check out this article all about these fascinating caves…

Partly natural and partly man-made, Cova Tallada is a series of caves located in the natural reserve of Cabo de San Antonio. It is over 75 metres wide with an average height of 15 metres, yet the maximum height of certain parts is up to 40 metres. It lies near the open sea meaning that the water enters certain rooms of the caves, while others remain dry.

Cova Tallada is literally filled with history, as remains from the Muslim period (11th-12th centuries) have been found inside. In recent centuries it was used as a quarry to extract a rare stone that was used for construction. This kind of stone has a porous and rough texture, and its brown colour gives it warmth. It can be seen in many buildings in Javea, such as the Fortress Church of Sant Bartomeu, but mining was banned in 1972 for environmental reasons.

The easiest walking route is from Denia and is about 1.5km, taking around an hour to get there. However, the caves can also be reached from the sea - such as by kayak or canoe.

If you would like to see these amazing caves in person, then be sure to get your tickets for out trip to Cova Tallada and Denia now!

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