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Murcia's barrios and where to stay...

Located in the South-East of Spain, the city of Murcia dates back to Roman and Arab origins, and is rich in culture and diversity. It's popular with tourists because of the hot weather, so be sure to bring your suncream if you're visiting during summer!

1. San Basilio

The neighbourhood San Basilio used to be known as Murcia's most disadvantaged area, but has recently undergone a huge transformation thanks to the city's Plan de Ordenación Urbana. Now, it's well equipped with public services and infrastructure and lots of small gardens which are distributed throughout the area.

A notable anual event that takes place here is the 'Certamen Internacional de Tunas', Costa Cálida. The competition is among the most famous in Spain, is celebrated as part of the Spring festivities, and consists of numerous student music groups from many countries and cities, and is not to be missed!

2. San Andres

Part of the old Moorish town of medieval Murcia, San Andres gets its name from the catholic parish constructed on the site of an old mosque in 1293.

San Andrés encompasses long history of artisans, convents and brotherhoods, and its population is one of the oldest in the municipality of Murcia -- so students looking for a good time might want to avoid this area!

3. La Fama

Every Thursday Murcia's biggest and most impressive market takes place here! Be sure to pick up some fresh fruit and veg for the true Murcian experience.

La Fama is more or less in the centre of the city, and is considered the most multicultural of all Murcia's neighbourhoods. The Jardín de la Constitución, sometimes called Parque de La Fama, is a beautiful spot for a stroll in the hot summer sun.

4. Vistabella

Just like the name suggests, this neighbourhood is one of the prettiest in the city.

Perhaps a downfall of this neighbourhood is that it lacks easily accesible local corner shops, making living here potentially inconvenient. The old age of most of the buildings here, despite of course making for an aesthetically beautiful area, also means that many of them don't have elevators inside, which is perhaps something to consider.

It does however, have its own 'Rayobus' bus line, which makes the area well connected to other regions of the city, and is only a short walking distance to La Fama.

5. El Carmen

El Carmen is the most populated area of Murcia. It's well connected to the centre of the city by the Puente de los Peligros.

During Semana Santa, this neighbourhood celebrates the Miércoles Santo procession, popularly known at Los Coloraos. El Carmen is also known for its celebrations in honour of the Patrona Virgen del Carmen, which remember the traditions and customs of the 'Carmelitanos'.

6. Infante Juan Manuel

This neighbourhood is one of the best serviced in the city, with hospital, health centre, sports centre with pool, two large shopping centre and church.

Let us know your favourite things to do in Murcia!

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