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H20: Just Add Water

Updated: Apr 27, 2021

Though it doesn't seem like it at the moment, Summer is just around the corner! And what better way to spend a sunny weekend exploring Valencia's beautiful natural hiking routes and finishing them off with a refreshing dip in a natural spring or relaxing by a waterfall?

Read on for some Earth Day summer hike inspo:


The thermal springs of Montanejos have to be top of this list! They were originally built in the 13th century by the Moorish king, Abu Zeit, so that he wives could bathe there and never lose their beauty.

The baths stay at a temperature of around 25°C all year round, so they're just right to cool down in after a sweaty hike. You're able to hike all around the tops of the hills there, from where you'll enjoy some stunning views of the baths and be able to explore La Cueva Negra!


Chulilla is famous for its hanging bridges hike, AKA La Ruta de Los Calderones, and it definitely doesn't disappoint!

Along the way, you'll come across a beautiful lagoon-like lake - an excellent spot for a dip and a picnic! Chulilla can be very busy on nice days, so make sure you turn up early to make the most of your day without having to wait too long -- if you do have to wait, don't worry, it's worth it!!


This tropical paradise is an absolute must-visit, and the crystal clear turquoise waters are so inviting!

'Algar' actually means 'cave' in Arabic, and since 2002 this area has been a Protected Wetland Area. It's another popular destination (for obvious reasons!) so can get busy but rarely gets too overcrowded. You'll also find some amenities here, such as toilets and a small shop.


'Els Pous Clars' actually means 'the clear pools', and if that doesn't sound inviting I don't know what does!

The water here is fresh and clear all year round, and gets its green-tinted colour from the surrounding limestone rocks. The area is actually made up of six separate pools, as well as a small recreational area - great for a picnic and a sunbathe.


El Azud is a stunning small lagoon located at the mountain spring of the river Tuejar. Here you'll find a natural pool of clear crystalline water, Pozo de las Escaleras.

The water reaches about 18°C at its warmest, so it's perfect for cooling down in the summer. It's surrounded by a mini nature reserve that's full of wildlife, but you'll also find the Acequia Villanueva, the bridge of Tudela, a Roman dam and the Mirador de la Peña del Mediodía here.

Have you ever hiked around any of these beautiful places? Where's your favourite place of hike around Valencia?

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