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Following the Castellón trail. What is interesting there to see in one day?

Updated: Aug 22, 2020

Meereen - one of the largest cities in the Gulf of Dragons ruled by Daenerys Targaryen. Although it is only a fiction of the creators of the series Game of Thrones, every city has its real counterpart. In this case, the directors chose to shoot Meereen in Peniscola in the province of Castellón. However, this province has more magical things in it. What to see in Castellón?

Small Venice in Valencia - Port Saplaya

On the way from Valencia to Castellón, we stopped in a small picturesque village, reminiscent of Venice. Port Saplaya located 10 km from Valencia, is one of the attractions, because apart from the beautiful coast, charming streets, the buildings are set right next to the port, just like in an Italian city on the water. In "Little Venice" you can drink coffee with a view of the sea or port. You can enjoy the sight of colorful buildings and lots of greenery around. From Valencia you can also get there by bike, and it takes about 35 minutes to cover the entire route. It's the perfect place to spend a free afternoon if you do not want to travel too far from Valencia.

Sant Joseph Caves

However, we decided to go for wide, or rather underground, water. The next point on our map was the Sant Josep Caves, which can be proud of one of the longest underground rivers in Europe. The river is almost 3 kilometers long, but because the stalactites grow very low, only a kilometer of it  is open to the public, mainly due to security reasons. In the cave, you can also admire paintings from before 120,000 years and various rock forms shaping into a creature, such as a jellyfish or a waterfall of flowers. The ending of the underground trek was a fantastic display of lights and sounds - it really makes a great impression, especially when the light goes out and for a few seconds you can stay in total darkness, only with your thoughts.

Castle from the Game of Throne

For dessert, we left the best, which can be seen during the release of the first episode of the new season of Game of Thrones. Peñiscola, where the episodes of the hit series were shot, is a peninsula surrounded by water on each side. The highest point of the city is the Castle - the Templars' stronghold set on stone. The panorama of Peñiscola stretches from there - you can see the buildings arranged as a Lego blocks and the surrounding of blue water.

The city is also known for the seat of Pope Benedict XIII - "Papa Luna", who chose this city wanting to be isolated. Peniscola is one of the best sea resorts in Castellón, which attracts not only fans of Game of Thrones or families wanting to rest by the sound of the sea. It is a land of happiness also for cyclists and fans of mountain tours - next to the town there is a nature reserve Sierra de Irta. In Peñiscola it is also worth getting lost in the narrow and stony streets and looks higher than the eye level. From the beach side, you can clearly see the entire Castle and the old historical part of the city.

Practical information:

- Being in the Sant Josep cave you have to prepare yourself for almost claustrophobic conditions. In some places, it is very narrow and you have to curl up so you do not get a rock in the head. The price for entering the cave is 7 euros.

- Coffee prices and menus at the Saplaya Port restaurant are lower than in Valencia. For a coffee with milk you will pay 1.40 EUR there.

- Entry to the castle costs 3.5 EUR, but it is important to reach it before 16:00, because it takes about an hour to see the whole with the gardens. The lock is closed at 17:00.

- In Peñiscola, on one of the main streets, fans of Harry Potter will find something for themselves. A Magic Museum and a magicians' shop are opened there.

Peñiscola and San Josep Caves are just a few of the things to see in Castellón. To see the whole favor of this province, one would have to spend much more than one day there.

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