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Alicante's barrios and where to stay...

Updated: Mar 30, 2021

One of Costa Blanca's most popular tourist locations, Alicante has loads to offer! Here's your guide to the most popular neighbourhood:

1. Vistahermosa

Considered one of the best area to live in Alicante, Vistahermosa is an upmarket area close to the beach and has access to all the necessary services for a very comfortable stay.

The area has a super safe feel and is well connected with other parts of the city too. Situated next to Serra Grossa, you might catch sight of foxes, hawks or wild cats roaming the hillside.

2. L'Albufereta

The district of L'Albufereta offers you all the comforts of a privileged area without compromising on proximity to the centre of town -- just 5 minutes away by bus or tram! It's located right next to the beach, so you can enjoy the Mediterranean views all year long.

Albufereta Beach is lined with taverns and tapas bars, and the close-by leisure centre is a popular spot to view the sunset.

3. Ensanche Diputación

Central and on the seafront, Ensanche Diputación is home to Alicante's most famous and popular beach, Postiguet, and the Explanada de España, where you'll find cafes with terraces in abundance and the open-air theatre La Concha, where performances normally take place all throughout summer.

Here, you'll find the city's marina, a seafront promenade where restaurants serve fish exclusively from the dock of Levante, and Alicante's principal commercial shopping area. As one of Alicante's most popular areas, you should expect to pay more to stay here - so beware of the prices!

4. Centro/Old Town

Just 15 minutes car ride from the airport, the centre is perhaps the most 'touristy' area of Alicante. The narrow, labyrinthine streets of this neighbourhood show off the city's Moorish origins, and where you'll also find numerous museums, theatres, castles, restaurants and tapas bars.

The centre is also where many of the city's nightlife takes place - so it's great for students!

What more could you want?!

5. Playa de San Juan

Located next to the beach of the same name, this neighbourhood has lots of space for walking and exercising. It's further from the centre than some other districts, but is still well connected by bus and tram, as well as a complete shopping centre.

Playa de Sun Juan is one of the most beautiful beaches in the area, complete with white sand and clear waters. You'll also find extensive water sports facilities here.

6. Polígono Babel

Slightly cheaper than some of Alicante's other districts, Babel (or Baver) has everything you'll need. With nearby health, education, sports and leisure facilities, including a skating rink and gym, Babel is fully equipped for a long-term stay.

It also has a wide variety of shops, and is well connected with the city's other neighbourhoods.

Have you been to Alicante yet? Share your favourite spots with us!

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