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Alicant-yay - the sites you need to visit in the beautiful port city of Alicante

Updated: Mar 22, 2021

Between Valencia and Alicante there is 244km of stunning coastlines, and once you arrive in the city there will be far more to see.

Santa Barbara Castle

If you’re into historical buildings, then the Santa Barbara Castle is the place for you. The 166 metre tall structure is one of Spain’s largest medieval fortresses and dates back to the 14th century.

Santa Bárbara castle is shrouded in legends and stories. Some are fantastical, while others – such as when French troops blew up the mine – go to prove that truth can indeed be stranger than fiction. And you can hear a lot of these stories if you take the theatrical tour of the castle - you will be transported back in time through centuries of splendour, wars, battles, love affairs and exiles…

Also keep an eye out for la cara de moro - the side of the mountain where the castle stands is known for resembling a man’s face. If he’s good-looking give him my number!

Santa Cruz Neighbourhood

On the hillside of the castle you’ll find the picturesque neighbourhood of Santa Cruz. It is memorable for its white buildings, winding streets and colourful tiles - a perfect image of Southern Spain.

It is a charming area that is well-looked after by its inhabitants and filled with wonderful little details. For example, many houses have the name of the family that lives inside written on their walls.

Town Hall

Another win for historical buildings fans - the town hall is a baroque building designed by Lorenzo Chápuli in the 18th century. It offers interesting ornamental features such as the barley-sugar columns.

Entering the building through the gigantic metal doors, you are met by a stunning gold sculpture of St John by famous Spanish artist and sculptor Salvador Dali. Any budding artist would also be interested to know that there are splendid large art works by Spanish and Alicante artists throughout various rooms in the building.

Explanada de España

Don’t leave Alicante without taking a stroll down this beautiful promenade lined with palm trees.

Its path is made up of over 6 million tricolour marble tiles which form a pretty wave effect mosaic.

Mushroom Street

San Francisco Street, also known as 'Mushroom Street' is a new favourite for tourists in Alicante. The fascinating road is decorated from start to finish with huge man-made mushrooms, allowing you to fulfil your Alice in Wonderland fantasy.

These decorations were added in 2013 in order to promote the many bars, restaurants and shop that are situated on the street.

If you want to see any of these beautiful sights in person make sure to join us on our Alicante trip this Sunday 14th March!

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