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24 hours in Albacete!

Here's a little more information on the attractions featured in our recent Instagram post. If you haven't seen it yet, head over to our page @soyerasmus_albacete and give us a follow:))

1. Pasaje de Lodares

The Pasaje de Lodares is a glass-covered pedestrian walkway which also doubles as a small shopping mall. It was designed in 1925 by Buenaventura Ferrando Castells and is an impressive feat of architecture. Its facade features figures inspired by mythology and folklore, and its glass ceiling allows the natural light to illuminate the space in the most flattering way.

Make sure you take a walk through the Pasaje de Lodares to experience its architectural beauty.

2. Catedral de San Juan Bautista

Declared as 'Bien de Interés Cultural', the Cathedral of San Juan was constructed in 1515 on the site of an old Moorish building. In the 16th century, its Gothic vaults were replaced with more fashionable Baroque ones, and during the Spanish Civil War in 1936, its bells were melted down for ammunition, only to be replaced in 1947.

The Cathedral is a huge hit with tourists, especially because of its beautiful stained glass windows and impressively painted walls.

3. La Bodega de Serapio

This old wine cellar opened its doors over a century ago, and offers a wide range of excellent wines and tapas. It's recently been restored so that any visitor can now experience the feel (and taste!) of an authentic Spanish bodega whilst enjoying some great food and drink. I really recommend this Bodega is an cosy and intimate spot for a romantic date!

4. Plaza de Toros

Popularly known as 'La Chata', Albacete's Plaza de Toros has been said to be amongst the best in Spain. Its located in the city's Feria neighbourhood, in front of Albacete's emblematic Paseo de la Feria, and has a capacity of up to 12,000 spectators.

In 2017, the city celebrated the centenary of their Bull Ring, which, since it was built in 1917, has been praised as one of Spain's most prestigious plazas in the art of 'tauromaquia' and which has inspired the designs of other bull rings around the world.

Outside of the Plaza de Toros itself, you'll find two statues, one white (pictured above) and one black, both of which depict famous bull fighters that have performed in Albacete's famous stadium.

It is truly the pride of the city and its people, so be sure to visit!

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