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10 of the BEST hiking routes in Comunidad Valenciana!

Updated: Apr 7, 2021

Are you bored of spending your weekends nursing your hangover and feeling sorry for yourself?

Why not get out there and embark on some really rewarding hikes?! Improve your fitness whilst enjoying stunning views and fresh air with these hiking routes - some of the best in the Comunidad.

1. Chulilla Suspension Bridge Loop

Length 12km

Time 3-4 hours

Difficulty Intermediate

This route starts and ends at the Miralrio Chulilla hostel and is made up of mostly accessible paths. It includes a climb of about 1250 ft, but its well worth the effort to make your way over the impressive Suspension Bridge and to the beautiful Mirador El Fandarín.

2. Ruta de los Puentes Colgantes, Chulilla

Length 17km

Difficulty Intermediate

This route begins about an hour's car ride away from Valencia city and is a loop from the old Moorish town of Chulilla. The lakes and valleys here make for a beautiful trek, with plenty of places along the way where you can stop and enjoy the nature.

Why not stop in Chulilla on the way back for a well-deserved cerveza!

3. Canal del Garbí – Mirador del Garbi Loop from Segart

Length 7km

Time 2-3 hours

Difficulty Advanced

North of the city, this route's terrain is a little more challenging than the regular marked paths that you can find, so it's recommended for sure-footed hikers with good experience and confidence.

If you do choose to tackle this walk, you definitely won't regret it! Scaling the rocks offers a sure sense of achievement, breathtaking views and a great workout!

4. Charca del Turche – Charco bonito Loop from Buñol

Length 10km

Time 3 hours

Difficulty Advanced

This more tricky route starts and end in the town of Buñol, a little to the West of Valencia city. It's also recommended for the experienced hiker, so be sure to wear sturdy shoes!

This route is definitely worth doing for the views!

Along the way you'll find several small lakes and lagoons, which make for excellent resting places.

Why not take your swimming trunks and take a dip to cool off during your walk?

5. Oltamar, Calpe, Alicante - Sierra d' Olta

Length 11.4km

Time 5-6 hours Difficulty Intermediate

This route offers some leeway when it comes to length -- there are various possibilities to shorten or extend the route but the one pictured here seems to be the most well-trodden. It's very well marked with signposts and yellow/white marks on rocks along the way. There's also plenty of places to park at the edge of Oltamar.

6. La Dovra: Parpallo- Borrell; Senda del Parpallo - Col de Rafaela - Font de Garrofer

Length 7km

Time 3 hours

Difficulty Easy

The scenery this hike offers is second-to-none. It's an easy trek that leads you gradually up 530m to the Col de Rafaela. If you choose to try this hike during a weekend or public holiday, you'll also be able to visit the Cova del Parpello!

7. Beniarres, Alicante - Embalse de Beniarres - Olive Groves - Barrcanc de L'Encarta - Cova

Length 10km

Time 3-4 hours

Difficulty Easy

This easy but relatively long walk is a great one for a Sunday afternoon! Be careful when you choose your crossing point at the river -- it might be best to make sure you cross at the dam to avoid getting soggy feet!

8. Moraira - La Viuda: Ruta de Los Acantilados

Length 9.4km

Time 5 hours

Difficulty Intermediate

Although it doesn't look like it, this route is a loop, so starts and ends in the same place. You'll be able to see the shoreline along most of the way, and will trek down to the Cova del Moraig on the beach near the most northern point of this route -- a great place to stop for lunch!

9. Javea (Xabia): Miradors de Javea

Length 8.6km

Time 3-4 hours

Difficulty Intermediate

Another costal walk, this route is stunning and will take you passed 4 of Javea's 15 Miradors. Like the route above, the 'way there' and the 'way back' are largely along the same track, so if you prefer something more varied this might not be the one for you.

10. Jávea (Xábia), Montgó - Cova del Gamell and El Ojo de Montgó

Length 6.2km

Time 4 hours

Difficulty Intermediate

This walk begins in a large public parking space, so it's very accessible. Most of this walk is fairly easy walking on marked tracks, but it does include a short but steep climb which may require you to use your hands, so we've marked this hike as 'intermediate'.

Have you tried any of these routes around the Comunidad Valenciana?

Where are your favourite places to hike near the city? Let us know!!

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