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Graphic Design / Multimedia Internship

We offer a Graphic Design and Multimedia Internship in Valencia, Spain. We offer a possibility to work on and learn about graphic design, marketing and business strategies and visual media industry.

The tasks to be developed:

-Designing theme campaigns, banners and other media ads;
-Support in preparing, Social media posts, newsletters & mailings;
-Visual support of new concepts;
-Pro-actively signalling trends & developments in the field of design and usability.

Intern’s profile

Studies: graphic design, multimedia or similar.

Skills and personal qualities:

-Creative, independent, inventive and proactive;
-Affinity with online media;
-Attention to the details;
-Taking initiative.

Benefits of this internship include

- To learn real-world knowledge, work ethics and team spirits
- To receive a recommendation letter confirming your work experience and skills gained
- Get exclusive discounts for Soy Erasmus products and services: trips, accommodation, Spanish courses and other
- Have free flash trips (it depends on the role which you are going to do in the tour)
- Share a benefit of Soy Erasmus Monday-Friday events (Pub Crawl, Sangria Pong, other), trips not included (it depends on the role you are going to do in the trip)
- Get commission of sellings (tours, bike & scooter, accommodation rentals).

Duration: 2 and more months (can be extended)

Internship agreement with the university is mandatory!!

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