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Kayaking, hiking & swimming in Cortes de Pallas

Join us for an action-packed day as we go hiking, swimming and kayaking (optional) at stunning Cortes de Pallas!

Kayaking, hiking & swimming in Cortes de Pallas
Kayaking, hiking & swimming in Cortes de Pallas

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About the event

In the interior of the province of Valencia you can find Cortes de Pallás. It is a small town with an enviable natural environment. It is a fairly small town with only 814 inhabitants, but it has a lot of charm.

One of the town's biggest highlights is the Parish church built in the 18th century. The mosaics which are distributed throughout the entire municipality are also rather important as they explain the history of the population. It was an important key factor for the Moors who refused to leave the town. Later, the king Felipe III expelled them which led to the population drop from 1500 to 160 inhabitants.

Those who will walk on the paths of La Cortada de Cortes de Pallás will fall in love with them. It is a hidden treasure of the Valencian Community filled with beautiful corners. Enjoy its landscapes: the cut walls of the Muela de Cortes, the Júcar canyons, the caves, the waterfalls and the Arroyo de Cortes.

What is interesting in the hiking route of Cortes de Pallás?

  • The river Júcar and its canyons
  • The Corbinet waterfall
  • The Tejedor cave
  • The Barbulla cliff
  • The Moorish garden
  • The cut walls of the Muela de Cortes

The views over the river and the reservoir are spectacular! The waterfalls are wonderful and refreshing. Besides water, this local trail has other charms as well. For example, its caves or the cut walls of La Muela.

During our route we will pass through the Corbinet recreational area where we will have a picnic. In the same area we will find a spectacular waterfall, El Corbinet.

A series of zig zags will make us descend rapidly. Afterwards, we will walk on a long straight road which is quite comfortable. We will begin to have views of the reservoir, and a little bit later also the town and the river.

Difficulty: easy to intermediate

Km: 5.76km

Hiking approximate time: 2.5 hours

After hiking you will be able to enjoy kayaking suitable for everyone. You will have a professional guide for it, who will show you the most spectacular kayaking routes in Cortes de Pallas.

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