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Alicante and Pink Lake, Torrevieja (TBD)

Visit the beautiful Castle of Alicante, relax on its long beaches and try to spot some flamenco in the Pink Lake. 🏰🦩

Alicante and Pink Lake, Torrevieja (TBD)
Alicante and Pink Lake, Torrevieja (TBD)

Time & Location

Time is TBD

Location is TBD

About the event

Are you ready to go on a trip to Alicante AND Pink Lake? 🤩🤩

This combined trip offers you a sense of city life, cultural destinations, historical monuments and great vibes of the amazing nature of Spain. What else would you possibly want?✔️

Firstly, we will head to Pink Lake. Pink Lake contains the largest salt pans in Europe and its lagoons produce the prized "Flor de Sal". Can you imagine seeing huge mountains of salt, they seem like snow hills! While walking around the pink lake, we might be lucky enough to see some flamingos as well! In this fantastic destination you can have it all! 🦩💕

After this lovely experience in Pink Lake, we will head to Alicante. The city of Alicante is well-known for its fantastic arts and culture, tasty food and lovely Costa Blanca beaches. The city has become one of the Mediterranean's most popular holiday destinations because of it. From Valencia to Alicante there are 244 kilometers of coastline with a combination of historical adventure which you can find by walking through the tiny “calles” of the old town.🏰

What´s interesting in Alicante?

📍 Santa Barbara Castle. The ancient 9th century castle sits overlooking the Costa Blanca and not only is it a gorgeous castle to wander, but it offers some really spectacular panoramic views. It is 166-meters high and the views that offer are just jaw-dropping.

📍 Town Hall. The building which we can see in the present day dates back from the early stages of the 18th century.

📍 The Santa Cruz Neighborhood. On the hillside of the Santa Barbara Castle and behind the city’s Town Hall, we find one of the most amazing parts of the city: the Santa Cruz neighborhood. It is certainly special to wander through the narrow white streets filled with lots of flowers.

📍 "La cara del moro”- a face profile on the rock after centuries of wind erosion and that does resemble a person's face.

📍 The beach. It doesn't really matter what time of the year you´re going to the beach in Alicante, there are always people there! Even in the fall/winter it is a beautiful place to wander around the promenade.

You can also read more Alicante-yay-the sites you need to visit in the beautiful port of city Alicante and Torrevieja Pink Lake - the hidden gem of Alicante

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